How to Deploy Databricks in Azure with Terraform Step by Step

Guillermo Musumeci
8 min readSep 30, 2023


In this story, we will learn how to deploy Azure Databricks with Terraform step by step.

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1. Intro: What is Azure Databricks, and What is it Used For?

Azure Databricks is a unified, open analytics platform for building, deploying, sharing, and maintaining enterprise-grade data, analytics, and AI solutions at scale.

The Azure Databricks Lakehouse Platform integrates with cloud storage and security in our cloud account and manages and deploys cloud infrastructure on your behalf.

Companies use Azure Databricks to process, store, clean, share, analyze, model, and monetize their datasets with solutions from BI to machine learning.

They use the Azure Databricks platform to build and deploy data engineering workflows, machine learning models, analytics dashboards, and more.

The Azure Databricks workspace provides a unified interface and tools for most data tasks, including:

  • Data processing workflows scheduling, and management
  • Working in SQL
  • Generating dashboards and visualizations
  • Data ingestion
  • Managing security, governance, and HA/DR
  • Data discovery, annotation, and exploration
  • Compute management
  • Machine learning (ML) modeling and tracking
  • ML model serving
  • Source control with Git

2. Intro: Azure Databricks Architecture



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